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Collaboration & Social Software

Posted by Nakia Seymore on Friday, September 9, 2011,
Efficacious communication is essential to business framework particularly for small businesses. To advance employees to work together irrespective to their location, collaboration tools for small business are made with features of online application to allow prompt management and organization of information within the work-line. Small business social collaboration software include, but not limit to, social networks, customized networks, Wiki-based applications, and conferencing and communica...
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What is a switched rack PDU?

Posted by Nakia Seymore on Thursday, September 8, 2011,
Rackmount Solutions offers a great option of InfraPower rack power distribution units granting an ease for users to deal with power distribution and develop work performance. Our range of InfraPower PDUs contains Standard rack mount PDU, metered rack PDU, switched rack PDU, and monitored rack PDU solutions, all coming with up to 24 power outlets in Zero U (vertical) and rack mount (horizontal) pattern factors. Disregarding size of your network and job demand, these series of rack PDUs will ce...
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